Mobile Growth & Analytics

SmarterApps builds solutions that help Brands and App Publishers to acquire and target the right user for the right brand campaign within the right app.

Grow your user base with detailed targeting options and precise knowledge of what your audience really wants. Our products are reaching your next most valuable users.

User Acquisition

Find the most valuable users & use our data driven insights to make sure your campaigns stay ROI positive

Be Creative

Leverage our variety of ad products to reach your users. Go beyond banners, videos and interstitials

Advanced Research

Get to know your users and what really motivates them to buy your product by using our survey tool


In-depth analytics with actionable insights on what your customers think before buying your products

About Us

Our Company

UX Design

Founded in Hamburg, Germany we are bringing together the smartest minds to build engaging user experiences in the mobile app space. We help app publishers and advertisers to grow their user base with detailed targeting options that work.

Many years of experience in the mobile industry have told us that you can not buy trust. We are eager to satisfy our customers with solutions that make the difference. Together with our partners we want to achieve big things and reach goals in a smarter way.

Based in Hamburg, we are in the beating heart of Europe with access to incredibly smart people around the world. Each team member is ambitious and creates strategies that make our customers successful in the ever changing mobile ecosystem.

Our Amazing Apps

PocketNews collects your favourite news sources into one app and pays you for reading. You are interested in politics, music, sports, fashion, lifestyle or cooking? No worries, we got you covered! We are collecting articles for all different topics in just one app.

We make it simple to connect with exclusive audiences around the globe.

Write us a few lines on how we can help you to grow your user base.

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